About Us

History of the Company

El Louvre N.V. has been established and managed by highly experienced and well-reputed professionals. It was established in 1986 and is member of the Jolley Holding Group of Companies in the Caribbean. Immediately on coming into existence it started its business activities in importing, distributing and marketing of pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, health & beauty aids, confectionary, household articles, automotive and hardware products. In 2004 El Louvre took the product lines of Witec under their wing. As of that moment El Louvre is doing business as El Louvre-Witec.

Company Overview

Our company works with well-known and renowned companies around the world. Over the years we have grown considerably to become one of the Islands leading suppliers. This is the result of all the efforts made to provide Superior Quality Products and Excellent Service.

Total Customer Satisfaction is the number one priority for the entire El Louvre/Witec Team. We have a well- motivated, committed, dedicated and dynamic Team.

Among our customers we have:

  • Supermarkets
  • Pharmacies/Drugstores
  • Grocery Stores/Mini Markets
  • Tourist Outlets
  • Wholesalers
  • Hardware Stores
  • Automotive & Accessory retailers

Our Delivery System is as follows:

Pharmacies are supplied on a daily basis. All other customers are supplied according to the route of purchase and El Louvre/Witec maintains a Just in Time delivery for Supermarkets.

The warehouse is located at the Head Office and has ample space for bulk and cool storage.
The car park consists of a good mix of delivery trucks and vans that are continuously on the road to deliver. This includes 2 Cash-vans.

The Louvre/Witec team has a well-established relationship with all their customers and clients. This is the result of the efforts made to satisfy all our customers needs by providing Excellent Service. That’s why we have the Leadership in Quality and Service.

Mission Statement

The Mission :  “To create a world class organization, through a highly focused and motivated sales and marketing team. By operating more efficiently we become more effective than the competition and provide value to all stakeholders”.

Vision Statement

To be the Leader in:

1) Providing Superior Quality Products and Excellent Service
2) Guaranteeing Total Customer Satisfaction
3) Concentrating on Brand-Awareness, Brand-Building & Brand-Position
4) Achieve 100% distribution
5) Building valuable relationships