Goya Pure Coconut Water 16.89 oz


Product Description

Goya Pure Coconut Water

If it’s GOYA … it has to be good!

Quench your thirst with naturally hydrating, electrolyte packed GOYA Pure Coconut Water! Purely natural, this delicious tropical drink is straight from the inside of young green coconuts. You’ll be able to cool your taste buds while satisfying their needs with the pure essence of the Caribbean.

With a variety of flavors and plenty of vitamins, it’s as great for your health as it is for your thirst.
Refresh your body and stay cool with GOYA Pure Coconut Water for every day activities.

  • Fat Free. Cholesterol Free. Non GMO. Gluten Free
  • No Sugar Added. Never From Concentrate. Kosher. Low Sodium.
  • 100% Natural. Naturally Hydrating. No Added Sugar or Artificial Flavors.
  • Great For After Work, Fitness, And Other Daily Activities With Purely Refreshing Coconut Water Straight From The Source
  • If it’s GOYA … it has to be good